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Discover a different Greece. As locals, we’ll show you one of the world’s most famous islands from an insider’s point of view. Help you cut through the clamour of modern Athens to find its rough- edged, romantic soul. So you won’t put a foot wrong.

Santorini, Greece

“Wherever I turned I saw a picture before me. I did not know what to photograph first.” When Greek photographer Nelly’s arrived on Santorini in the 1920s, she was blown away by the island’s explosive beauty. A century later, much remains untouchable: the sheer magnitude of the submerged volcanic caldera, villages tumbling down cliffs of petrified lava, smooth houses sculpted from the landscape, stone by pumice stone.

Poised on Santorini’s northern tip, Oia is the pin-up of the Greek islands. The hypnotic view of the caldera is different from every angle, in every light, at every time of day. But there’s much more to this Cycladic village than awe-inspiring sunsets. Majestic mansions, sultry wine bars, and a path zigzagging down to a huddle of waterfront tavernas and a floating chapel where you can leap into the deepest, bluest water.


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Athens, Greece

Clinging to the rocky slopes of the Acropolis, Anafiotika is named after the stonemasons from the tiny island of Anafi who created this enchanting 19th century neighbourhood. Despatched to Athens to build the new capital after the Greek War of Independence, these artisans missed their island home so much they recreated it in the shadow of the Parthenon.

Many of their descendants still live in the cluster of colourful cottages, their shady courtyards draped in jasmine and bougainvillea. Languorous cats and glorious Byzantine chapels line the tangle of whitewashed alleys, which have no street names or numbers. Beyond the charming old town of Plaka, all of Athens stretches out before you — a magical sight, especially in the golden twilight.


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