Slow living, Greek style

Barefoot summers in bare shoulders and denim cut-offs. Dawn fishing trips and late nights counting the stars. Cliff-diving, skinny-dipping, tomato-picking. Fish grilling on a black sand beach. Time moving in slow motion, like a tuft of cloud drifting across the horizon. These are our memories of growing up on the Greek islands. These are the kind of memories you could take home with you.

A way of life defined by lightness, simplicity, and freedom

Enjoying the view from the Parathira House on Santorini

In the spirit
of the Cyclades

We’ve spent every summer of our lives on Santorini — and plenty of winters too. Yannis was born in Oia. His father opened one of the first hotels in the village, so hospitality is second nature. Laskarina’s mother came to Santorini in the 1960s as an architecture student. It was the start of a lifelong love affair with the island and its architecture, restoring historic buildings and mapping the time-worn footpaths.

We feel incredibly lucky to call this magical island home. And we’ve always loved to share its beauty. Hosting friends, and friends of friends, and finally guests from all over the world in traditional houses that we restored by hand. Introducing like-minded travellers to authentic experiences, offering a real connection to people as well as places.

Eventually, we began sharing other destinations in Greece that we know and love with our guests — our winter base in Athens and the carefree pleasures of island-hopping in the Aegean. Always in the spirit of the Cyclades. A way of life defined by lightness, simplicity, and freedom.