Your own Greek archipelago

Ever since Homer immortalised Odysseus’ epic sea voyage, the Greek islands have lured sailors to their luminous blue waters. Today, you may not encounter sirens, lotus eaters or (thankfully) one-eyed giants, but the desert isles, secret bays, and sun-kissed fishing ports still have a mythical quality.

Embark on a sailing adventure to wildly beautiful destinations, unknown to all but your crew of Greek island insiders. Contact us to arrange a sailing tour with our 50 ft wooden traditional sailboat “Kymatia”

Follow the rhythm
of the waves

Sail around Santorini’s magnificent caldera, soak in volcanic hot springs, and jump ashore at black and red beaches. Glide over from Santorini to the mellow islands of Sikinos, Ios, Folegandros, or Anafi for a barbeque on a deserted beach. Or take a slow cruise around the Cycladic archipelago, travelling at your own pace and casting anchor wherever your dreams take you.

The true energy of the Cyclades lies at sea. The moment the anchor is lifted, you’re immersed in a blue world ruled by the elements. The dazzling sunlight is your compass, the waves set your heart racing, the wind sets you free. Just go with the ebb and flow.

Sea in Santorini

A sea-change into something rich
and strange

Brightly coloured fishing boats are as quintessentially Greek as blue-domed chapels and marble temples. Known as trehantiria, these hand-made wooden vessels represent maritime traditions that stretch back centuries. Dive into this slow way of life on Kymatia, our 15-metre sailboat. It was love at first sight the moment we saw her, abandoned in a shipyard on Santorini. A master craftsman spent over a year tenderly restoring this heroic vessel to her rightful glory. Soon she will be ready to carry you across the Aegean, buoyed by the promise of adventure.